WeAppLabs is a vertical of WeCanServe. We strive to create specialized, unique, and highly-functional marketing and sales strategy that will make your app relevant for millions of smartphone users. Every day many apps are invented but only a few see the light of the day. Rest just wonder in the endless world of the app store. Sometimes the creators do an excellent job of creating an app but fail to project their creation to right target market. We take care of those lost creative gems.

Our innovative and cost-effective approach to rule the market, help clients meet business goals and generate ROI. We believe in integrity, transparency, excellence and professionalism. Employees are a backbone and we believe in giving opportunities, which results in success stories for not only them but for our clients. We believe in growing together!

‘Leadership at WeAppLabs is not about delegating work; it’s more about mentoring and guiding the crew to deliver their best.’

WeAppLabs is headed by ace professional Mr Nikhil Gedam and guided by accomplished scientist and marketing genius Dr Ulhas Ganu. Dr Ganu has garnered the craft of marketing with his 12 years of rigorous work in the medico-marketing field catering to different products. Mr Gedam leverages his 14 years of leadership expertise in heading sales, marketing and customer service while Mr Ganu complements this with his over 28 years of market exposure. This unique combination of young and dynamic Mr Gedam and the composed and experienced Dr Ganu brings the perfect balance required for the success of each project.

mr ulhas

Dr. Ulhas Ganu


Mr. Nikhil Gedam

Why choose us?

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Focus Based Marketing

‘Marketing that penetrates like an archer’s arrow – fast and focused’

WeAppLabs provides efficient, fast and proven cross-promoting strategies to deliver your product to the target audience. The constant push, promotions and visibility of the app helps in getting its loyal users and creating its niche on the market.

You can rely on our experts to creatively promote and market your app, thereby leading its way to the top. Turning your expectations into reality. Your app equipped with the power of our sturdy network and brilliance of our marketing skills delivers a legacy of a successful business.

dream team

Dream team

‘Our firm is all about its customers’

WeAppLabs is known for the exceptional services it offers. The experts from different domains bestow their innovative vision and out of the box thinking to surpass the customer’s expectations each and every time.

customer centric

Enthralling Services

Targeting the right audience

We create the right buzz for the right audience for your app to entice the target customers. Our marketing plans are not limited to popularizing or launching the app, but we also help you reach out to your target customers.


Security that can’t be tampered

‘We are good at keeping secrets’

We understand your inhibitions on sharing your innovative and path-breaking idea with us. Our non-disclosure agreement assures the integrity and security of all business terms and guarantees secrecy of every word discussed. WeAppLabs treats security, privacy and integrity as the foundation of business ethics.